The Bennies Go Big In Japan

by Jules Rozenbergs | January 11th, 2017 2:27:PM EST

In the pursuit of fun and with the guidance of Tokyo based ska innovator Rei Mastrogiovanni, we, the Bennies, found ourselves returning to the technological heartland of fun, Japan. Fraught with hilarity, politeness, cultural confusion, music and booze, the Land of the Rising Sun provided a beautiful backdrop for one of our most delicious quests yet. From Tokyo to Nagano, pounding saké to Shochu, we got to hit the stage and party with the amazing Otonotabi Crew and legends Alaska Jam, and an assortment of wacky local bands. In short, Japan fucking rocked, and that's about as articulate as you're going to get from me on a plane bound for Melbourne, with no weed, post-tour, at some red-eyed ungodly hour. The photos present the truth, the evidence was shot and crafted from the lense of the image specialist himself, Ian Laidlaw, who joined us on this artistic journey.

Captions by Jules Rozenbergs. Photos by Laidlaw.

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