Gone Is Gone

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Gone Is Gone

by Ryan Reed | July 27th, 2016 5:27:PM EST

This hard rock supergroup – which unites members of Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age and At the Drive-In – couldn't possibly surpass its marquee billing. But the band's debut EP carves out its own compelling niche, combining Queens' scorched stoner-metal squall, Mastodon's grandiose prog-metal bombast and ATDI's bruising post-hardcore.

ATDI drummer Tony Hajjar and multi-instrumentalist Mike Zarin formed the project after collaborating on video game and movie trailer scores. Perhaps inevitably, patches of Gone Is Gone are bogged down by textural drone and spoken-word padding ("Character", "Recede and Enter") better utilised by a Call of Duty loading screen. Elsewhere, the band alternates between sweltering distortion and psychedelic star-gazing. Bassist-singer Troy Sanders unleashes his signature Mastodon roar on sludge monster "Violescent", which climaxes with QOTSA guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen's stratospheric solo; the opposite extreme is "Starlight", a dynamic post-metal epic that harnesses Deftones' balance of savagery and splendour.

The EP unfurls like the soundtrack to a nonexistent sci-fi/horror film, and Sanders' bleak, meditative lyrics feel tailored to fill out the gaps in a broader story. But overall, Gone Is Gone transcends not with evocative images but herculean heaviness. "I can't resist through the noise," Sanders bellows. No kidding.

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