The Flaming Lips

Oczy Mlody Warner

The Flaming Lips

by Darren Levin | January 12th, 2017 9:10:AM EST

2013's The Terror was more than just a morbid mood piece. It was a timely reminder that no matter how many confetti cannons they discharged or how many fake blood vials they poured on their faces, Wayne Coyne's fearless freaks could still be very real when they wanted to be.

But if The Terror caught them heading into the middle-age abyss with eyes wide open and guns blazing, then Oczy Mlody is the calm after the cataclysmic storm.

The album is painted in the same soft hues as 2002's Yoshimi, but without a song like "Do You Realize??" or "Fight Test" to give this flighty collection some heft. The closest thing here is "The Castle", where Coyne sings of a girl with eyes like butterflies in a voice that's getting weaker and, consequently, more effected with age. It's more of an instrument now, wrapping wordlessly around the shape-shifting arrangements and light techno of "Nigdy Nie (Never No)", or being Auto-Tuned to buggery on "Do Glowy".

"The Castle"'s melody is repurposed for "Galaxy I Sink", which veers off into Morricone territory midway through. At times they sound like they're stuck in a Disneyland snow globe, but they bring it all home on a poignant note: the zany but affecting "We a Family", with best bud Miley Cyrus pitching in on vocals. Nawwwww.

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